Curtains & Blinds Motorization

If you prefer everything simpler:

Press the remote control and you can move your blinds up or down, even if they are heavy or hard to reach. Better still, you can control all your blinds with a single click, without even leaving your armchair, and your blinds move smoothly and evenly every time.

If you like to maintain neatness and cleanliness:

Say goodbye to dangling strings and cords - there's no more clutter around your lovely window dressings and your safety is ensured. As your blind operates smoothly and evenly, controlled by its motor, it will keep looking good for longer.

If you value privacy and visual comfort:

Your blinds shield you from prying eyes wherever and whenever you want. You can regulate the level of daylight, for example to read, or watch television without glare or distracting reflections.

If you would like to talk to us about a project please email or phone us to discuss your requirements so we can design a system that meets your needs.