Natural Eco-Living Furniture

If you think that rapidly-renewable Water Grass is a material limited to patio furniture, think again. Designers are using this eco-friendly resource more and more to create green indoor design with a natural flair.

Best in class, quality Eco-Furniture, built to last

Our Eco Furniture has been created specifically for areas indoor and outdoor, with above average temperatures and of course high levels of sunlight. Perfect for covered patios, extensions, garden rooms or kitchens where light and heat may damage other upholstered furniture.

How it's made

The furniture is made with solid hardwood and aluminium frames for lifetime durability, high tensile, quality webbed bases (beneath the cushions, essential for comfort) with the exterior finished in a variety of natural renewable woven materials.

Some key benefits of our Eco-Furniture are:

  • Soft and smooth to the touch, does not snag clothing
  • Easily maintained
  • Incredibly Durable flexible, yet very strong
  • Stain resistant and has a fine clear finish which adds protection
  • Unrivalled comfort with flexibility allows some give
  • As a Green Product, it is a more eco-friendly product
  • Unique Contemporary and Innovative Designs


Water Hyacinth is so durable that it can be vacuumed for dust or for major spills please follow these instructions.

  • Remove all upholstery
  • Wash the furniture using a mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft cloth
  • Use a nylon brush to remove dry food or mud etc
  • A paint thinner can be used to remove tougher stains
  • Place the furniture outside or in a drying room to dry

Special Notes:

Water Grass and Natural Cane are natural hand dyed materials and colour variations are part of its beauty. We accept no responsibility for any colour variation or fading. The standard cushion covers can be removed for cleaning on a 30 degree wash or alternatively dry cleaned.