Woven Weave/Bamboo Shades

Woodweave or Bamboo Blinds as they are commonly referred to as are blinds similar in style to Roman Blinds however, instead of using soft furnishing fabrics, natural fibres are carefully woven together in a variety of styles. They bring a touch of nature to the home as they are made from renewable sources including jute, bamboo, sea grass and poplar wood.

They blend stylishly into both modern and traditional decors, and are ideal throughout the home, especially in conservatories, dining rooms, lounges, Kitchens and studies. They have a matching valance, and you can choose to have the controls fitted to either the left or right of the blind.

The result is a range of truly unique products, with each blind having its own individual characteristics that reflect the environment in which the raw materials were grown.

Woodweave blinds provide natural warmth at your window during the cooler months and gently diffuse light to create ambience.

With over 35 designs, a wide range of natural, renewable materials are used to create our Woodweave blinds, including jute, bamboo and wood. Woodweave blinds may display natural shade variation, as a reflection of the environment in which they grew. This makes each Woodweave blind a unique and eye-catching window covering.