Vitendi Insect Screen Retractable
Insect Screen Retractable
Vitendi Insect Screen Roll-up
Insect Screen Roll-up
Insect screens from VITENDI are an effective tool for keeping flies, moths, wasps and mosquitoes out of rooms. These versatile insect screens are extremely easy to install practically anywhere and at any time – be it on new buildings, during renovations, or even as a retrofit if you discover that summer bugs refuse to leave you in peace. Insect screens from VITENDI are more than just an effective insect barrier: they also feature an elegant look and are in many cases barely noticeable. All so that you can sleep through the night again without being woken by buzzing insects, or read the newspaper without irritating visits from flies. Insect screens are also an efficient way of creating more hygienic conditions in the kitchen and children’s rooms. So relax and enjoy the summer with help from VITENDI!
Vitendi Insect Screen
Insect Screen